Audioboo is now AudioBoom

Audioboom logoAudioboo has been going through some changes. They have changed their name to audioBoom and have a brand new logo to go with the new name.

They also have a new audioBoom app that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. It was updated on September 23, 2014. You can still record and edit from within the audioBoom app. You can record up to 10 minutes of content per clip for free and can make as many of those audio clips as you like.

The app can also be used just for listening. AudioBoom has partnered with Sky Sports News, NPR, The Economist, Absolute Radio, the BBC, English Premier League, ABC, The Spectator, AFL, TalkSport, the Guardian, Polydor, Universal Music, and Telegraph. This means you can use the audioBoom app to listen to audio from those sources.

Or, you can use the app to follow your friends who use it, or to continue to listen to podcasters who use the audioBoom app. Those using the app can now send DM s to friends.

Other new additions include ways to find new content on audioBoom. You can explore featured and trending content. It also has something called “Daily Download”. It gives you 2 hours of your favorite audio that is automatically available offline for your commute. It gets refreshed every day. It is now possible to download and store your favorite audioBoom audio clips offline.