Robot Underpants: 02.12.14 (140)

Robocop week has arrived! Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice (in NYC) and “Starman” Michael Gaines discuss hot topics like Ol’ “Pink Eye” Costas at the Olympics, What is Eric doing in NYC? McGruff the Super Crime Dog, Gotham TV show, How I Met Your Dad, Firefly reboot? This week in Shia LeBeouf Dumbass News, ICEJJFISH and more!

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* Our Robotcop Remake
* McGruff Sentenced
* “Escape from New York” Trilogy?
* Terry Gilliam to Try Quixote Again
* Gotham Show Casting News
* How I Met Your Dad
* Firefly Might Not Be Totally Dead
* Fred Armisen to Head Late Show Band
* DMX vs George Zimmerman Fight Called Off
* Philip Seymour Hoffman to be Digitized For MockingJay
* Dumb Starbucks
* IceJJFish
* Time Capsule with LISA Mouse
* Luxury Sub
* Racist Tweets
* Shia LeBeouff Does Something Dumb
* Jerry O’Connell Mocks Shia

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