Vimeo Helps You Avoid What You Don’t Want to See

Vimeo logoWhat’s in that video you are about to watch? Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell, at first glance, exactly what you are in for. Not everyone is comfortable with certain kinds of content. Vimeo has taken that into consideration. Now, you can set your content preferences and avoid the things you don’t want to see.

Start by going to your settings page on Vimeo. You can click a bubble to indicate the types of content that you would like to avoid. Some options include: “Don’t show mature content”, “Don’t show unrated”, “Don’t show violence”, “Don’t show nudity” and more. Those who want to see it all can continue to do so. Just click the bubble marked “Show me everything”.

The purpose of the content preferences was to make Vimeo friendly and accessible to all audiences. I can see where the settings would be very useful for people who are watching Vimeo videos with children. It could also help prevent a person who is in a public place (like a coffee shop) from accidentally selecting a video with content that may be inappropriate for some of the people around them.

Personally, I find that I enjoy using the internet a lot more when I have the ability to control what types of content I encounter. There are certain types of content I would prefer to avoid. I think it is wonderful that Vimeo is including the option to filter out the types of content that you just don’t want to see.

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