What Would You Rather See on the Internet?

Rather logoAll of us have had the experience of seeing a bunch of posts in our social media about things we would rather not see. Wouldn’t it be great if something could just get rid of all the unwanted stuff for you? There’s an app for that! It is called Rather. It lets you replace the stuff you don’t like with things you would rather see.

Rather is from the people who created Unbaby.me (which replaced baby photos with photos of cats). Rather uses the same concept and has improved upon it.

Rather lets you create a list of stuff that you really don’t want to see anymore. It uses those keywords to identify posts and automatically replaces those posts with something you like. You can put together a list of several things that you want Rather to replace stuff with.

That helps prevent you from getting bored of the stuff you selected. To reference the example on the Rather website, you can tell Rather to show you cats and bacon. Pick a few of your favorite things. Just like that, your internet experience got a little bit more pleasant. The coolest thing about Rather is you can use it to automatically get rid of posts that include a particular website that you strongly dislike.

You must use Chrome in order to get Rather to work. Firefox, Safari, and mobile versions are “coming soon”. The app will filter things for you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can tailor which keywords you want Rather to remove from each one.

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