Dario: Diabetes Management for the Smartphone


Eventually, I’ll have to really watch my blood sugar. I have a history of diabetes in the family. I remember when my brother had to carry the pouch around with him. Glucose monitors have gotten smaller, but still remained simple – reading your current blood sugar levels.

Enter in Labstyle Dario – the glucose monitor.

This is a device that uses your smartphone to record and remember your blood sugar information. The companion device holds strip cartridges (25 strips inside) that read your blood sugar.

The strip connects via your headphone socket to transfer information. The device works with iOS and Android devices through the app on December 12th. You can then monitor your blood sugar, get tips as to what you should eat so you don’t spike again, create a case history and journal and even send information to your doctor.

Of course, diabetes is a big issue. The International Diabetes Federation estimates an increase of 8.4% in 2012, which makes 371 million cases of Type 2 diabetes in adults. This is due to obesity and lack of exercise. They also expect the numbers to continue increasing over time.

Dario will debut in the US at the upcoming Geekdom. For more information, check out MyDario.com.

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