Tumblr Savior Filters Tumblr for You

Tumblr Savior screenshotTumblr can be extremely fun to use. Connect to people who you share an interest with and your dashboard will be full of wonderful things that make you happy. Unfortunately, Tumblr can stop being fun if one (or more) of the people you follow start posting things that you really do not want to see.

What can you do? One option, of course, is to unfollow them. Doing so will remove the things you are hoping to avoid, but it also takes out all the good stuff the person posts. Another option, one I recently started using, is Tumblr Savior.

Tumblr Savior is a browser add-on that was created by Bjorn Stromberg. You can use it with Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Firefox. I use a Mac and I am using Tumblr Savior on my Safari browser. I love it! You can download the version you need for free.

Once you install it, you can access Tumblr Savior by clicking on the T icon that should now appear in your browser. It will bring up a “black list” and a “white list”. The “black list” is where you put terms or phrases that you would like Tumblr Savior to filter out for you.

Just like that, those annoying posts are gone! Instead of seeing it, you will get a note about it. It will say something like “’Person You Follow’ made a post containing: ‘word on your black list'”. You can leave it be. Or, if you are curious, you can click on that note and see the post.

Tumblr Savior is a good way to avoid “spoilers”. Put the name of a TV show, or movie, that you haven’t watched yet on your “black list”. Watch the movie (or TV show). Later, go back to your Tumblr Savior and take out those words.

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