Robot Underpants: 07.24.13 (111)

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice, and “Starman” Michael Gaines have San Diego Comic-Con news, including Langley’s DC photoshoots, and appearance on the front page of Reddit, Robocop news, Batman and Superman movie. How many times can reviewers use “DOA” when talking about “R.I.P.D”? Google Glass porn, Chromecast, Neverwet, and more!

* SDCC gallery from io9

* Langley on Reddit   and Langley’s Comic-Con photos

* Comic-Con Biggest Bombshells

* Robocop Full Panel from SDCC

* R.I.P.D is DOA 

* “Rocky” Spinoff about Creed’s Grandson

* Most Underrated Sci-Fi Actors

* SFW Google Glass Porn

* Futurama Holophonor Prop

* Star Wars vs Game of Thrones

* Real Griswolds Drive Real Truckster to Disney

* Neverwet

* Outro Track

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