New Apple Store Uncovers Old Hospital

Apple LogoWhen Apple began building its flagship retail store in Madrid, Spain, the company probably wasn’t expecting to find the remains of an old hospital on the building site. It’s rather amazing what can sometimes be found when construction work is done in old cities!

The new Apple store in Madrid is located at number 1 Puerta Del Sol, where the Paris Hotel once was located. Workers who were involved in renovating what is intended to become the basement level of the Apple store discovered remains of a 15th century hospital that was once called the Buen Suceso hospital. The hospital was originally created by Catholic Monarchs in 1489.

The old hospital was once connected to a church (which was also called Buen Suceso). In 1854, both the hospital and the church were demolished. In 2009, construction was being done on the Sol Metro and Cercanias light rail station when the remains of the Buen Sucesco church were discovered. That project stopped for 10 months so that the ruins could be preserved. They are currently behind glass and viewable by the general public.

Apple is not expected to halt their construction. Instead, the company has been asked to change the flooring of the basement to “symbolically” trace the outline of where the old walls of the hospital were located. They have also been asked to put up an informational panel explaining why there is a path drawn on the floor. Right now, it unknown if the general public will be able to visit the basement of the new Apple store in Madrid after it is completed.

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