Amazon Productivity Hits free for Android today

Everyday the Amazon App Store offers a “free app of the day” and, during special occasions, the retail giant frequently offers extra deals — either additional free apps or steep discounts.

While there seems to be no special occasion indicated for today’s offer, it is still something that many Android faithfull will wish to take a look at. Today the store offers what it calls a suite of “Productivity Hits”, that runs across multiple different application types and will save you quite a tidy sum of money.

Apps Included:

  • WiFi File Explorer Pro by Dooblou (normally 99-cents)
  • Documents To Go (Full Version Key) by DataViz, Inc. (normally $14.95)
  • PrinterShare Mobile Print by Dynamix USA, LLC (normally $12.95)
  • Tasks N Todos Pro by Handy Apps Inc (normally $5.99)
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop HD by Splashtop Inc. (normally $8.99)
  • Spacedraw Key by Scalisoft (normally $4.99)
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop by Splashtop Inc. (normally $4.99)

amazon productivity hits

If you have an Android device then you will certainly want have the Amazon App Store installed and give it a check daily to see what the free app of the day is. Several of these have been offered individually in the past and are already installed on my device, so I can attest to how good WiFi File Explorer, PrinterShare and Splashtop are. The deal is good for today, July 14, only. Thanks to Android Central for catching this one.

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