Roku Updates Interface Adds Grid Menu, Better Search

Roku Grid Interface
Roku Grid Interface

When I was as SXSW, I was excited to find that Roku was changing the interface to a Grid view. In interviewing Roku, I was told the interface would be rolled out to older players but had to wait. Well now the wait is over.

Roku rolled out their new interface to certain older Roku boxes. If you own a Roku LD, HD, XS or MHL Streaming Stick, you will be able to update the software and utilize the new interface.

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How to Update to the new Roku Interface

This is a manual update – on your Roku, go to your settings and navigate to the update section. You will have to agree to update to the new grid view, then watch as the software downloads, installs and reboots. After the familiar bouncing Roku logo, the new grid interface appears.


Features of the Roku Grid Menu

The biggest feature is your channels are now on a grid rather than a straight line. You can reorganize your titles for easier navigation. The search option and the channel store are both now on the left navigation menu. This makes for easier discovery of new channels and searching for content on your Roku device.

Speaking of the search option, you will be able to search for videos, movies and TV shows right from the interface. Roku will let you know where you can watch the videos and how much it might cost (if any).

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