Apple Customer Service ROCKS!


A while back, I was on travel in LA with Ford and had an issue with my old Macbook that I use as my travel machine. The Macbook I have is an early 2008 white plastic macbook which I bought in mid 2008. That is almost 5 years ago! The problem I had is the caps-lock key was stuck on. That doesn’t sound like much of a problem. It’s a major problem if you can’t log in because your password has all lower case letters. I was able to login using an external keyboard and then disable the caps lock in the software. The problem was I couldn’t logout or reboot because it reset that setting.

So, today I was thinking that I needed to get the keyboard replaced. I called my local Apple Authorized service dealer, City Mac in Traverse City Michigan.. After I gave them the serial number, they informed me that Apple has a “program” where they will replace the Top Case (including the keyboard) on any white macbook that is less then 5 years old.

I took my machine in at 3:30pm today (I also took my Dad’s Macbook which had a simular problem and was bought at the same time) and they just called me (at 6:30pm) and said that both macbooks were ready to go and no charge!!

So, if you have a White Plastic Macbook, and you have keyboard problems, check with your local Apple Store or Apple service dealer to see if they can be replaced for free.

Now that this is done, I am thinking of doing a SSD drive replacement on it to keep my old machine going another few years. Tom Wiles (another GNC Writer) did that with his a while back and loves it.