Paste Magazine Picks 10 Best Gadgets of CES 2013

Paste Magazine LogoEver wonder what a magazine, that primarily focuses on music, would choose as the best products that were featured at CES? Well, wonder no more! Paste Magazine just posted a list of The 10 Best Gadgets of CES 2013. Interestingly, they didn’t select gadgets that were specifically designed to be used for the purpose of listening to or creating music. Perhaps there just weren’t that many music-related gadgets at the show this year.

Some of the gadgets that Paste selected were also selected by CNET for a Best of CES Award. Each picked the Razer Edge gaming tablet and the Samsung UN85S 4K/UHD TV (that is described as standing on an “easel” base).

CNET selected the Vizio 5.1 soundbar as an award winner. It is a set of speakers that pairs a traditional sound bar with wireless rear speakers (for the purpose of better surround sound). Paste didn’t pick this gadget at all for their list. But, the magazine did pick the Xi3 / Valve Piston Steam Box, which has 1TB of SSD internal storage and a Quad-Core AMD processor. That sounds like an excellent place to store a vast library of digital music in a small amount of “real world” space!

Paste Magazine selected the Oculus Rift as the best gadget of CES 2013. It is designed for gaming. It has a head-mounted display that provides the gamer with an amazing level of immersion. Paste describes it as:

…the Oculus Rift is what anyone who’s ever wanted a Holodeck of their very own has been waiting for.

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