Withings Smart Activity Tracker Reminds You to Be Active

Smart Activity Tracker Withings Many of us have the type of jobs that require us to sit behind a desk for several hours a day. Whether you work from home or in an office, one thing is the same – your job encourages you to be sedentary. One way to stay healthy is to make sure you are active. It can be difficult to remember to do that as you are working toward a deadline, or when you are tired after coming home from work.

Withings has a small, but powerful, device that will remind you to get up and be active. It is called the Smart Activity Tracker. You can have it send you alerts to indicate inactivity, and reminders to be active, directly to your smartphone.

It is an activity tracker that can take pulse measurements, record the number of steps taken, strides run, distances covered, calories burned, and even the quality of your sleep. It also records your heart rate.

It can differentiate between moderate and vigorous activity. It also can calculate the number of stairs climbed and calories burned depending on the user’s body composition. Wear the device while sleeping, and it will keep track of the duration of sleep as well as the quality of it.

The Smart Activity Tracker is small. Its dimensions are 43.3 x 22.1 x 8.3 mm. Put it in your pocket, or wear it with the included belt clip and/or arm band. The front of it is a functioning touch surface that lets you navigate from screen to screen. The device has a two week battery life and an on-board USB port for recharging.

The Smart Activity Tracker syncs via Bluetooth Smart with the Withings Health Mate mobile app. The app is where your data is collected and stored in real time. It will categorize the data into 3 categories: Activity, Heart, and Sleep. You can share the data with your physician, dietitian, coach, or on Twitter and Facebook.

Withings will be at International CES 2013. It is going to unveil its Smart Body Analyzer, which has been awarded with a 2013 CES Innovations award.

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