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You might be looking forward to the holiday season, and all the food that goes along with it. It’s difficult to say no to a slice of pumpkin pie, or a Christmas cookie, or a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino, especially when you know that these treats are only going to be around for a limited time. Those of you who have concerns about weight gain should check out an app called Lose It!

I’ve used Lose It! myself. It helped me to drop a few pounds before my sister’s wedding and the weight has not returned. You start by setting a weight goal and a deadline by which you hope to have lost that amount of weight. Lose It! automatically calculates the amount of calories that you should stay under per day in order to achieve your goal.

Instead of counting calories, you tell Lose It! the foods that you ate on a given day, and it will figure out the calories for you. You can tell, at a glance, how many calories you have left for a particular day. Lose It! also takes into account the type and amount of exercise that you have done. It charts everything for you. This makes it easy to see the progress you are making, or to see where you can make improvements.

Lose It! just added some Premium features. For $39.99 a year (on sale at the time I am writing this blog for $29.99 a year), you can have Lose It! keep track of more health related goals, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, or the amount of sleep that you are getting. You can connect Lose It! to wireless scales, exercise apps, a blood pressure monitor or a sleep monitor.

Those who have purchased the Premium account will be able to connect to other Lose It! users. You can create a challenge for everyone you choose to connect with to compete in. Or, you can help to keep each other motivated in their weight loss goals. If you end up gaining more weight than you like during this holiday season, I would recommend using Lose It! to help you lose the unwanted pounds.

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