Google Updates the Play Store to Version 3.10.9

Google is at it again.  The company has begun rolling out version 3.10.9 of their Play store for Android.  This updates comes closely on the heels of recent updates to versions 3.9.16 and 3.9.17.  Version 3.9.16 brought a number of new features, while the following update seemed to be more of a bug fix.

The new 3.10.9 has also brought along a number of new features including a new screen that pops up after you start installing a new app.  This screen is different than the one we become accustomed to seeing during an app installation as it now displays a “Users Also Installed” list that makes for easier discovery.  There is also a “Keep shopping” button that pops up at the end.

The update also a “Remove” icon that has been added to the Wishlist feature that was added back in 3.9.16.   Finally there is now a “Translate” button next to any app that includes a description that is not in your native language.

The update is rolling out gradually, but if you can’t wait then you can grab the .APK file now.