Activision Brings their Classic Games Back to Life on iOS and Android

Classic games have been making a comeback lately.   Just last week Microsoft announced a partnership with Atari to make eight of their classics available for play in Internet Explorer 9 and 10.  Atari also has an app available for Android which brings many of their old games to mobile devices.  Now, Activision is getting in on the deal with a new app called “Activision Anthology”

The app comes with KABOOM! for free, but there are 45 other games, including PITFALL!, RIVER RAID, THE ACTIVISION DECATHLON, BARNSTORMING, STAMPEDE, PITFALL II, ENDURO, DEMON ATTACK and others available.  They are available in packs of 11 games each for $2.99, or you can get the whole package for $6.99.

Activision Anthology has Game Center and Facebook integration, including leaderboards and achievements, to share and compete with friends.  The pack is available for both iOS and Android devices.