Shatoetry Goes Where No App Has Gone Before

What would happen if someone made an app that combined the voice of William Shatner with poetry? The answer is Shatoetry. The name of the app is pronounced “Shat – Toe – A – Tree”. The name came from combining the syllables found in the surname Shatner and the word poetry. It is the official William Shatner app.

You don’t have to be an incredibly experienced poet to come up with a nice “Shatism”, or to “Shatoetize”. Select some words from the tray at the bottom of the app. The words will become superimposed over a stylized, artsy, image of William Shatner himself, (who is giving you the OK sign, or a double “thumbs up”). Anyone who has played with magnetic poetry will find this very intuitive. Don’t see the word you want to use? You can use the “Find” menu to search for the words to include in your poem.

When you are done creating a poem, hit the “Shat that!” button. You will hear your poem read in the voice of William Shatner. It is possible to use Shatoetry all by yourself, in Solo mode. Or, you can use the app in Co-Op mode, which allows your friends to add their creativity in a poem created from a combined effort.

Many of you know, William Shatner has become known for a very distinct way of expressing himself while in character. He uses dramatic pauses while saying his lines. The Shatoetry app allows you to add those pauses between words by adding Space Bubbles. Select a word, then tap the space bar to add a pause. Drag it to “wherever you want the pause to be… unheard”.

Personally, I think this will be a really fun app to play around with. I’ve been writing haiku for years, and I cannot wait to see what some of my haiku sound like as read by William Shatner! It will also be fun to see how many Star Trek quotes I can work into a poem that will be read by none other than Captain Kirk himself!

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