Ubi Announces Pre-Orders are Now Open

Ubi, a Kickstarter project that got funded, after asking for $36,000 and raising $229,000, has announced that their device is now not only available for pre-order, but also at a discounted price for early customers.  The Toronto company has issued a press release marking this new landmark they have reached.

“Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation is happy to announce the availability of pre-orders of the Ubi – a voice controlled computer that plugs into a standard power outlet and connects to the Internet via a household or office wifi connection. The Ubi is meant to usher in the era of “ubiquitous computing” – when humans will be able to interact with computers without requiring the use of screens or handheld input devices.”

The initial product can be used for Internet search, email, speakerphone, intercom, and home automation and monitoring, but more functions will be added in future updates.  It’s a tiny box that can be plugged into any household electrical outlet and isn’t much larger than a nightlight.  In fact, it can serve that purpose as well thanks to it’s glowing case.  It also monitors the environment around it with its built-in temperature, humidity, air pressure and ambient light sensors. It even packs in stereo speakers in its tiny case.

The Ubi will be selling for $269 when it launches in April, 2013, but if you pre-order now you can snag the device for only $219 USD.  Head over to www.theubi.com to check it out.


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