Conan O’Brien Introduces the New iPad Mini Ad

Late night comedian Conan O’Brien has made Apple and Samsung regular targets with video spoofs regarding some of their product releases and news.  Last night he took on Apple’s newest product, the iPad Mini.  It’s all in good fun and not a serious hit against the Cupertino company, but it’s hilarious none-the-less.

I won’t give any spoilers her, but instead let you watch the video, which is posted below.  Pay special attention to the end, which is where they lend Apple some help with a new company slogan.  The video has been making the rounds today and it’s getting quite a bit of attention.

Google is no doubt  thrilled with this, given their release yesterday of the new versions of the Nexus tablet, which Apple seemed to fear and the fact that they actually took shots on the Android tablet during their show announcing their new iPad Mini.  That was an unprecedented move by the company, which has generally stuck to talking about their own product and been mum about the competition.

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