Asus Shows Off the Taichi in a New Video

It may have largely escaped notice of Friday when it was actually posted, but Asus released a video teaser of their upcoming Taichi device to get potential customers excited about the product.  The new Windows 8 hybrid had already been shown off at both the Computex and IFA trade shows, but the new video gives a hands-on look to let everyone know what they can truly expect from the device.

The new tablet/laptop will feature an Intel Core i5-3517U Dual Core CPU, 4GB of RAM a 128GB SSD and dual screens.  We haven’t heard anything about battery life, and that may be a very bad sign given the dual screens being powered in this device.  All of this will also come at a price – $1299 to $1599 to be exact.

Sure the price is pretty high and the battery life may be an issue, but putting those issues aside…it’s a REALLY cool device.  It’s should be considered a laptop because the screen doesn’t detach from the keyboard as we have seen with other devices that will soon be coming to market, including the Surface from Microsoft which has an optional keyboard that clicks into place via a magnetic hold.  So, is there a market for this?

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