Logitech Introduces a New Skype Camera for Your TV

Adding a video camera to your TV webcam-style isn’t a new concept.  In fact, it isn’t even new to Logitech, but today they began sending out announcements about their brand new HD model.  The Logitech TV Cam HD takes the whole process to it’s next logical level, which is, of course, HD.

The new camera, which isn’t exactly small at 9.5 inches in width, is capable of full 720p high definition resolution.  In addition, it has 802.11 g/n or ethernet connectivity, an HDMI connector port, Carl Zeiss optics, pan and tilt, and 4 noise canceling microphones so the whole family can video chat with grandma.  It even comes with a remote control and a 6 foot HDMI cable.

  • Connect to anyone on Skype™
  • Ready to use with any HDMI/HDTV
  • Rings whether your TV is On/Off
  • Clear, full-room view

All of this functionality doesn’t come cheap.  The MSRP is $199, which is a significant jump from the previous Logitech model.  While there are other, cheaper solutions that do essentially this same thing, Logitech seems to have created the model to beat for those who want the top-of-the-line features.  Currently the device seems to be available only through the Logitech web site.