Tabeo is a Tablet for Kids from Toys R Us

Coming this Fall, a tablet that is designed for children to use. It is called Tabeo, and will be sold exclusively at Toys R Us. For $150 you can pick up one of these kid-friendly tablets for your child, and avoid the problem of having to “share” your own, personal, tablet device.

The Tabeo comes with parental controls that are intended to ensure safety and security. It comes pre-loaded with over 50 apps, including Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. The Tabeo App Store will have over 7,000 more free games, books, and educational programs that are compatible with the Tabeo and appropriate for children to use.

Tabeo has a 7” capacitive multi-touch screen, 4GB of storage, WiFi, an HDMI port for tablet to TV connection. It also has front facing camera.

Today, children get online at a very young age, and they learn the skills to use new technology, (such as phones, tablets, and other mobile devices) very quickly. The Tabeo is intended to be a safe device for kids to use. Parents get a lot of control over what, exactly, goes onto their child’s tablet. The Tabeo App Store is only going to have apps, books, and other educational resources that are all appropriate for kids to use. Parents who want to get one of these for their child for Christmas can pre-order one right now.

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  1. I think it’s a modern time and zin these times our kids should start earlliest to have a easier llive in the future. Found the keynote to this tabeo tablet source: and think this is also greate for oldies:-)!

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