Bill Nye Stands up Against Creationism

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I am going to step on some toes in this article.  If you feel the need to click away then I understand.  After all I want to accommodate everyone’s beliefs, because everyone has a right to be heard.  That being said, Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”, recently made some comments that have raised a fire storm.  Bill isn’t backing down from them, and I support him 100%.

A video began circulating recently showing Nye demonizing parents for teaching anti-science to their children, specifically anti-evolution.  The video was titled, quite simply, “Creationism is not appropriate for children”.  The video has more than 4 million views, with a mix of supporters and detractors, but the vast majority have been supportive – 66,000 likes vs 13,000 dislikes.

In all seriousness, the U.S. currently has one of the worst track records for science education and creationists are largely responsible for this dismal record.  Religion has crept into our politics and states like Texas have even attempted to pass laws against the teaching of what is, in reality, a solid scientific theory.  Bare in mind that everything in science is a theory because it is always evolving as new evidence is found.  Evolution is every bit as solid of a “theory” as the theory of gravity.

Of course, religious groups have been up-in-arms over Nye’s comments with Ken Ham, who runs the Creation Museum, leading the charge.  Nye, in response, has appeared on CNN to defend his stance.  His views are no different than those of the vast majority of scientists, but he has the means to make them heard by the masses.  Sadly, Nye probably can’t change much, but if he sways just a few people away from trying to tell their children that the world is only 6,000 years old, then it will be a victory.

6 thoughts on “Bill Nye Stands up Against Creationism

  1. Wow. I believe gravity is a law and not a theory (“Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation”). Evolution cannot be proved, hence it is a theory, but ignoring even the chance of intelligent design is bad “science”. I agree with Richard, watch “Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed”. The science community is very closed minded on this topic.

    As for Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis). Have you read his stuff? His research is pretty solid.

  2. We will agree to disagree. The compendium of evidence is on the side of science, but as I said, everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion and I have no intention of calling anyone wrong. I am only saying that Bill Nye, in my opinion, has got it right and I want that sentiment to go forward with the next generation, for many of the reasons he so eloquently stated. It’s only fair to give our children the chance to make their own decisions and not be swayed by our past religious and political entrapments. Oh, and please don’t throw around terms like “Cambrian explosion” and “transitional fossils” unless you actually know what they mean. It’s a well known logical fallacy called “argument from authority” and it carries no weight.

  3. Seriously, if one thinks that science is not compatible with religion is sorely mistaken.
    If it wasn’t for religion, the western civilization would have not flourished. I recommend a book – How the Catholic Church built western civilization. Personally, my faith has strength my sparked for science.

    Evolution is a very touching subject. And I truly think that science is not disclosing the whole story:

    – Cambrian Explosion
    – Transitional fossils – in a large number, putting to rest a separate species
    – Our place in our solar system. And yes, it still expanding, and at an accelerated rate
    I truly think that comments and posting such as this only discourages one to explore science – what’s the use? You were not created but a mistake and you have no right to think differently, per our flimsy scientific evidence.

    Try watching a movie that covers this topic: Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed

  4. I’m in full support of Bill Nye. I think the inclusion of creationism as anything other than a disproved theory (along with, say, Lamarckism) in science is wholly incorrect. I find it totally bizarre that people fully accept the benefits of science when it comes to smartphones and computers yet completely dismiss evolution in favour of creationism.

    Of course evolution isn’t perfect – it’s a Theory not a Law – and somebody may develop a better theory to overturn it, but right now, the evidence fits evolution far better than creationism.

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