Asus Reveals Nexus 7 Created and Released in 6 Months

Nexus 7 (8GB)

In stark contrast to Apple, who thinks and brainstorms and plans and tests for months and even years before unveiling a product, Asus has reveled that the Nexus 7 was conceived at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 in Las Vegas and was on the market within six months.

The fact is, Asus revealed a 7 inch tablet, known as the Asus MeMo 370T at CES, but it quickly disappeared among rumors that Google had poached it as a concept for their own Android tablet.  It turned out that those early rumors were true.  Asus and Google executives met at CES and hatched the plan for the Nexus 7.  Execs from Asus recently revealed that the product, conceived in January, went to manufacture in May and, as we all know, hit the market in July.

“Our top executives met Google’s top executives at CES to talk about opportunities and how they saw the future market. That’s when we came up with the idea of the Google Nexus 7 by Asus. That was in January, and mass production started in May.”

That’s considerably shorter than the industry average for taking a product from concept to manufacture to release, but in this case it worked perfectly.  The Nexus 7 has exceeded all expectations with sales skyrocketing  and reviews almost all ranging from positive to gushing.  The tablet comes in both 8 GB and 16 GB flavors for $199 and $249 respectively and can be found over at the Google Play Store.