Google I/O Site Updated with Streaming, Events, Live Blog Gadget – Pimps Keynote

Yesterday we speculated about what can be expected when Google kicks off their big I/O conference on Wednesday, but today Google updated the web site to get things a bit more ready for the show.  In addition, they also teased the keynote address that will kick off the event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

As for the Google I/O site, they have added a new Events landing page, complete with video for streaming the conference live.  There are also listings for the schedule and announcements, as well as live status and photo updates via the Google Developers Google+ page.  For those attending the event, Google is providing a gadget that can be embedded on a web site to allow live blogging updates so you can share what is happening and your thoughts on it.

Most interesting is that Google today posted to their official blog a short teaser for their keynote address that will kick off the show at 9:30am June 27th.  While the post is downplayed, we are expecting big things to be announced.  Perhaps the most-anticipated is the official Nexus tablet, which is reportedly being built by Asus.

The show will run through June 29th and features more than 40 sessions for developers ranging from Android to Chrome to Google+, and more.  The entire event will be streamed live for those who can’t make it out to San Francisco.