Aftermath of a Layoff Announcement: Nokia CEO Gets a Security Escort

Late last week Nokia announced they would be laying off about 10,000 workers worldwide.  While many employees may be extremely worried about this, it seems that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is also pretty concerned.  Given the sad, but very real, recent history of workplace violence, it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that a person in Elop’s position should worry.

A recent report stated that, following the layoff announcement, Elop was escorted to his Helsinki home by two security guards.  They arrived at the home around 8pm local time and the guards first made sure the area was secure before Elop exited the vehicle and entered his home.

Nokia, now the flagship maker of Windows Phone handsets, is expected to be at the upcoming Windows Phone Developer Summit with Elop in tow.  Hopefully he will have better news to announce at the conference.  If not, we may soon see an entire army following the CEO around.

Image: Camouflaged Soldier Aiming. Sniper. Army by BigStock