Domino’s Offering Discount for Online and Mobile App Orders

dominos logoAre you hungry?  Domino’s Pizza is currently offering a 50% discount on all orders placed either online or through their mobile app.  The big discount is a thank-you to their customers for placing one billion dollars in online orders between April 2011 and April 2012.  “Domino’s Pizza is giving its customers the thanks they deserve, as it celebrates – for the first time in its history – surpassing the $1 billion mark in digital sales in the U.S. alone, during a yearlong period from April 2011 to 2012.”

The half-price deal is available only through digital orders, meaning the web site, mobile site, iPhone app, or Android app.  There are, as always, some stipulations.  The discount applies to the pizza portion only on all orders.  The offer is effective now and valid through next Sunday, June 17.

Domino’s claims that digital orders now account for thirty percent of their total U.S. sales.  A significant portion of those digital sales come through the mobile apps.  “Both apps are in the top 15 in lifestyle rankings – with the Android app ranking at No. 5 on Google Play, and the iPhone app ranking at No. 15 on the iTunes Store.”  The company promises to continue to evolve with the latest technology.

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