Possible Google Nexus Tablet Images Leaked

Enough information has found it’s way onto the web to say, with a great deal of certainty, that the Google Nexus tablet is a real device and will be on the market relatively soon.  It’s almost certain as well, that the device is being built by Asus.  What we don’t know are precise hardware specs and retail pricing, although rumors of the latter have placed it as low as $149.

Now today, mobile news site Phone Arena has posted leaked photos sent to them that are purported to be the highly anticipated tablet.  Although the images are fuzzy (why are leaked photos ALWAYS fuzzy?!), a few things can be seen.  One is the unmistakable Asus name on the back, along with the Google logo.  The tablet also appears to be two or three colors, with what seems to be a white face and grey and black back.

The source of the photos also claimed the tablet is running a Tegra 3 processor and will launch running Android 4.1, widely believed to be the version number for Jelly Bean.

The tablet is expected to be officially announced later this month at the Google I/O Conference and may begin shipping as early as July.  If the price rumors are correct then this could be an immediate competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire.  You can check out the two images below, reprinted from Phone Arena.