Lionel Richie is the Latest Google Search Easter Egg

Over the past several weeks a number Easter eggs have popped up in Google search, such as the “barrel roll”, “let it snow”, and “zerg rush” – if you don’t understand then do a search for each of those phrases, although the first two seem to no longer be active.  The latest one has to do with 80’s singing icon Lionel Richie and a line from one of his most famous hit songs.

When you search for “Lionel Richie” you will get a fun little result to the right side of the general search results.  I won’t spoil it here, you’ll have to find out for yourself, but if you don’t remember his hit songs then it probably won’t mean anything.  You will also need to spell his name exactly.  Google will correct misspellings, but will only show the basic results in that case.

What other fun Easter eggs are out there waiting to be discovered?  If you have one then let us know in the comments below.  As far as I know only Google is throwing these things into search, but if you see one in Bing or Yahoo then let us know that as well.

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