Will Google Announce Maps 3D Next Week?

It may be fairly short notice, but today Google issued invitations to a Google Maps event to be held on June 6th, less than 5 days away now.  The announcement  doesn’t give any indication what the event will be about, but the title may not be quite so cryptic to understand.  “The Next Dimension of Google Maps”.

Google Maps already has a limited amount of 3D content, displaying famous structures.  It seems logical that they will be taking this technology to the next level, but to warrant an event would indicate this is more than just an incremental update to the service.  It has been rumored that Apple will soon be ending their partnership with Google as the iOS maps supplier and that they are working on 3D for their own map service.  Perhaps Google is looking to beat the Cupertino company to the punch.

Whatever the announcement is, we will find out very soon – next Wednesday to be precise.  Perhaps there will be more than just 3D to announce as well.