Google Nexus Tablet to be Priced $149?

There has been a load of “information” floating around the internet the past few days regarding the Google Nexus tablet, which can pretty much be confirmed as a real product at this point.  It’s only the technical specs that are still just rumors, and we have seen nothing but speculation regarding the price, although rumors have been pegging it at $199 to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Personally I was expecting Google to try and undercut Amazon, perhaps going $189, but now tech news site SlashGear is jumping into the story with a report that the new Asus-manufactured tablet will hit the market priced at just $149!  In addition, they are reporting that the device will feature a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and the latest version of the Android operating system, although not 5.0 Jellybean as some sites have been reporting.  Instead, SlashGear claims it will likely be version 4.2, which will still be known as Ice Cream Sandwich.  SlashGear cites sources from both Asus and NVIDIA for their information.

So, what do you think of a $149 Android tablet?  Is it real?  Would you buy it?  Personally, I will not only buy one at that price, but also one for each of the two kids and the wife!