MicW Announces New Additions To Microphone Lines

Beijing microphone maker MicW added a couple of new products to its i-Series, L-Series and M-Series microphone lines at the 2102 NAB Show in Las Vegas this week.

“Our aim is to have a microphone that’s right for almost any recording application, at price points that are attractive to anyone interested in recording.” MicW CEO Qunli Wu said.

Designed specifically for mobile journalism applications, the i-Series features microphones small in size, durable and rugged in design and easy to use on the go. The ultimate goal of MicW’s new series is to create perfect sound recorded to mobile devices. The i-Series includes recording, interview, shotgun, lavalier and headworn microphones for both the iPhone and iPad, as well as other smart phones.

The two new products added to the i-Series – the i825 omni lavalier mic and i855 cardioid lavalier mic – pad out the existing i-Series line of professional class general purpose and high sensitivity microphones for mobile devices.

i825-Omni Lavalier Mic for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and other mobile devices(i Series) i855- Cardioid Lavalier Mic (the same look with i855)








MicW also featured two additions to the L-Series – a line of lavalier mics – including the L825-Omni Lavalier Mic and L855 Cardioid Mic.

L825-Omni Lavalier Mic (L Series)on the left and L855-Cardioid Lavalier Mic (L Series)







The M-Series – a line of professional grade measurement microphones – now includes the M215-Professional Class 1 Measurement Mic and the M416 Professional Class 2 Measurement Mic













MicW is the recording microphone subsidiary of Beijing-based BWSA Tech Ltd, which has been manufacturing precision test and measurement microphones for the domestic Chinese market for over 14 years.