Check Out the New Cube from Teradek

Teradek has a new Cube x55, which is an upgrade from the original cube. It begins shipping on May 1, 2012. Like the original, the new Cube x55 is a camera-top wireless HD video encoder that connects with HDMI, HD-SDI or composite cameras. It can stream via a dual-band WiFi, an Ethernet port, or a single 3G/4G USB modem. Also like the original, the new Cube x55 has a compact aluminum chassis, comprehensive transport protocol support like RTP/ RTSP/ RTMP/ MPEG-TS, and a variety of camera inputs.

Here are some new features that the New Cube x55 has:

* OLED – which lets users quickly change and review the settings of their unit and to provide real-time feedback for filenames, recording status, and wireless connectivity.

* LI-ION Battery – built in, and gives up to 2 hours of runtime. The battery can be charged from an AC adapter or a suitable external battery such as an Anton Bauer.

* MIMO Access Point – improves wireless performance, enables wireless camera control for devices that don’t have built in WiFi capability, improves connectivity to iPad or Android tablets.

* Audio output – Cube comes with a headphone output for immediate audio monitoring.

* Micro SD – The micro SD slot lets the new Cube save onboard proxy recordings in real-time. The files are automatically synced to your proxy server over WiFi or cellular connections.

* Micro USB – The micro USB port can charge the new internal battery, and can connect with a computer’s USB port for hardwired configuration.

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