NewTek Unveils New Generation of TriCaster Family

NewTek now has a brand new line of TriCaster live production systems. There are three of them in this family of products: TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 855, and TriCaster 455. This new line comes with several “industry firsts” that are pretty interesting. They have Apple AirPlay support. They each have NewTek’s IsoCorder. The IsoCorder lets you record from multiple input sources and output options. It has embedded timecode and four audio tracks. IsoCorder supports most editing applications for both Mac and PC. You can delegate the audio mixing process to a separate iPad control app or to an Avid Artist series control surface.

TriCaster 8000, including the control surface, will be available later this year and will have a retail price of $39,995. This one is designed for media publishing professionals. It integrates well with social media production tools, and is capable of recording live video for large events. It has recordable macros that can be triggered simultaneously, extensive graphics and effects capabilities, and 8 M/E rows. The TriCaster 8000 also has a “Share” panel that lets you put video clips and individual stills right onto Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr in a single pass.

TriCaster 855, including the control surface, is available now, and has a retail price of $29,995. It is designed for producers who want to build their businesses and brands. It has 24-channel switching, inputs for up to 8 cameras, 5 digital media players for video clips, graphics, and titles, and 2 network channels for sharing computer screens and displays from wireless iOS devices. It has 8 M/E-style virtual inputs and 3 outputs.

TriCaster 455, including the control surface, is available now, and has a retail price of $19,995. This one is designed for producers who are mobile who want to deliver professional quality live video content. It fits nicely into small spaces like a control room, small studio, production van, or blogger’s office. It has a 14-channel switcher with 4 camera inputs.

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