Phone Signal Boosting Garden Gnomes

Gnomes 4uIndependent mobile retailer Phones 4u has today launched a range of garden gnomes which conceal high-tech mobile phone signal boosters to improve mobile phone coverage in otherwise poorly served areas. Branded as Gnomes 4u, there will be a range of gnomes in different poses plus celebrity gnomes based on famous people.

The Gnomes 4u signal boosters are portable and improve the mobile signal, even in the most remote or challenging locations, indoors or outdoors. The gnomes’ bodies boost mobile signal via secret aerials disguised as typical gnome accessories such as fishing rods, rakes, spades and even an accordion. The effect of the gnomes is cumulative, so the more gnomes in the area, the greater the boosting effect.

Gnome Display

They can also boost home Wi-Fi and project it through what Phones 4u like to call “beardband” (groan), allowing people to work or browse in the garden during the warm summer months.

Scott Hooton, Chief Commercial Officer from Phones 4u comments, “Phones 4u is proud to be taking the first step in bringing this innovative mobile technology to the people of Britain. Mobile signal boosting kit can traditionally be quite unattractive and we wanted to create something more aesthetically pleasing and fun!”

Set to be the must-have outdoor accessory this summer, the Gnomes 4u collection will be available from selected Phones 4u stores across the UK from 1st April priced at £74.99. To see the exclusive celebrity range, visit the Phones 4u Facebook page You can also view a video trailer for the new product on YouTube.

Celebrity Gnomes