Play Store Rolling Out to the Google Toolbar

A couple of weeks ago Google implemented a major change to their Android Market by renaming it the Google Play Store to reflect the fact that it’s now more than just apps, but also contains music, books, games, and video.  With this change Google apparently also plans to make the Play Store something that is bigger than just Android handsets and tablets by adding “Play” to the Google toolbar.

While access to the Android market has always been available from a computer – previously at and now at – bringing it into the Google toolbar makes it accessible to the millions of Google users who aren’t (yet) Android customers.  That means millions more potential customers for Google.

In the past, Google has rarely made changes to their toolbar, but recently they have begun to experiment more often with changing around both the look and order of it.  The “Play” option doesn’t appear to be available yet for all users so don’t panic if you don’t see it now, but keep an eye out over the next few days.  Google usually rolls out these kinds of changes over a few days.

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