Visa Locking out Credit Cards used on Skype Purchases!

I had my Bank of Hawaii Corporate Visa card locked out permanently when I renewed a Skype service. The card was flagged for fraud “post transaction” for the service purchase, and even when I validated with the card fraud services that the the card was used by me, for a valid reason they told me in no way would the re-activate the card. They said that once Skype had the card data the card number could no longer be trusted?

Without due regard to my business Bank of Hawaii canceled the card, that is tied to many of my corporate services! Even though no other suspicious activity was being seen on said card.

While I am sure Visa has good reason to watch for fraud, I find it remarkable that they are so paranoid that even after validation they would not turn the card back on.

Here is the bigger shocker. I was told by the credit card fraud department, that if the new card was used to make another Skype purchase that the new card would be locked out as well! I wonder if Skype knows that Visa is no longer accepted at Skype? So what the F*&^ good is having a credit card if I can’t use it?

The way that Bank of Hawaii has treated me on this will have me shopping for a new bank first thing in the morning. Here are sins unforgivable by a bank.  I found out the card was canceled by another vendor causing me embarrassment, their fraud department never called me,  and they wanted me to pay to have a new card sent to me overnight. Total fail in customer service! Luckily there are a lot of great banks in Hawaii. Maybe it is time to go talk to a credit union!

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5 thoughts on “Visa Locking out Credit Cards used on Skype Purchases!

  1. amazing what happens when you go social media on companies today. You get a response. I guess it went this far because of some low level person thinks they have power and dont want to actually fix the issue at hand. I found at times that speaking with someone who is fresh to the case in a higher level management may be able to make that extra difference like the above person posted about the client relations dept being informed.

  2. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced regarding your Bank of Hawaii Visa Check Card for Business. We would like the opportunity to speak with you to resolve the problem. Our Client Relations Department has been informed of the situation and will be reaching out to you today.

  3. My credit union locks my card when I try to pay my Skype bill, as well. It has something to do, she told me, with the transaction/payment centers being located in Luxembourg. It was the location of a person pulling a fraud scheme several years back, to get his book listed at #1 in iTunes. Although, I’m sure it’s not the only reason.

    I was hopping mad about them locking it, but they can’t get Visa’s name on the card if they don’t take certain precautions. For me, they unlocked it. And she also told me if I needed to make a payment to Skype again in the future, I could call ahead and she would unlock it for a period of time so it wouldn’t bounce.

    Since the payment centers are where they are, I would talk to any bank you intend to work with and ask them what they do about Skype payments, and if that doesn’t trigger anything, tell them the payment center is in Luxembourg. If they STILL don’t say anything, ask to speak to someone in their credit card fraud department.

  4. I have been a customer at Hawaii State Federal Credit Union for over 20 years, and have a credit card from them. They have excellent customer service. I recommend them.

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