I Miss My iPhone

I have to admit after having an Android phone for about two months I miss my iPhone, maybe it because I just got the new iPad.  I have a Motorola Atrix 2. It isn’t that the Android phone is a bad phone, it is just unpolished. Maybe if I had a different phone or carrier I would have a different viewpoint. To me that’s part of the problem I don’t have the time or money to go out and try the different Android phones to find the one I think I’ll like. Then when you find the one you like you never know if it’s going to get the latest update or not. This depends on three different groups Google, the carriers and the manufacturers. Any one of those can stop an update in it’s track or delay it. With the iPhone everybody on the same version gets the update at the same time. I do admit that there are some Android phones that look pretty cool. The one I’ve been looking at lately is the Samsung Galaxy Note however I see that more as a mini tablet then a phone. I also hate the bloatware that the carriers put onto the android phones. This is one of the reasons I left Windows for Mac and now it’s back again. And yes I know there are ways to get rid of it but I shouldn’t have to. Also when something goes wrong on an Android a phone trying to find answer to the problem on Google is like finding a needle in haystack. Half the time you don’t know if the answer will work with your phone or not. Will it work only with a specific carrier or all carriers. Do you have to root the phone or not, something I could do but don’t want to.

There are things that I do like about the Android system. I  like the ability to change the wallpaper on your phone and also the way it allows you to organize your applications. Also the prices assuming you do a two-year contract are much nicer on my wallet than the iPhone. I do like the choices that Android gives you I just wish they were clearer and I didn’t feel like I was reading tea leaves. Based on how I’m feeling right now, a year from now when it’s time to buy a new phone I suspect I’ll be picking up the latest version of the iPhone, although I do wish it was bigger. How about you did you go from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android are you happy with your choice or if you had to do it over again would you choose differently.