My Initial Thoughts on the New iPad

Just finished purchasing the new iPad. I purchased the White 16GB Wi-fi version. I had the original iPad version and did not up grade to iPad 2, so I was ready for an update. It is definitely a want purchase and not a need. I am sure the retina display will look amazing and I am looking forward to playing with the iPhoto app. Although I am not sure how often I will be using it as a camera. The problem with using it as a camera is not so much looking like a dork, but bringing it up and putting it down every-time you want to take a picture. I think it will work better as a video camera, because that something you would be holding up for a while anyway. It will be interesting to see how well the dictation works on the iPad. I have dictation on my Android phone and it never works well. I not sure if it is me or the device.

I do think the fact that they did not name the new iPad something different is going to be confusing to some consumers. Not so much if you buy through the Apple Store, but if you buy through a third-party vendor or especially if you are buying through Ebay. As someone said today, this is a great chance for people to be swindled on Ebay. I am glad they are still going to make the iPad 2, I think this is important for school. With the announcement Apple made last month, they were definitely targeting the secondary and college market. They had to figure out a way to keep prices low enough for schools to be able to afford them. Unfortunately even at this price this will be a device maybe out of the range of all but the richest school districts. The question becomes will Amazon fill the gap for those school districts can’t afford the iPad, I hope so. My final complaint is that Apple knows that their store is going to be hammered on the date of a release, especially when they release in multiple countries on the same day and yet they never seem ready. For a company which has as much money as Apple does, they should be able to rent more servers on such a day. Despite these complaints I am looking forward to getting the new iPad and will do a full review once I receive it.

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