Swiss Voice: Landline Phones for the Modern Age

Swiss Voice has been making phones for over 100 years since 1893. They are known for their beautiful designs and technology. More and more people especially the younger generation are using their mobile phones as their home phones. Swiss Voice makes a line of beautifully designed phones call ePure which combine the security of a landline along with the mobility of a mobile phone. On the front of ePure you can dock your iPhone and recharge it or stream music from it. When a call comes in you can either use the hands free option or you can pick up the handset for a more private call. The handset can also be used as a speaker with a push of a button. So if you want to listen to some music in another room just take your handset with you, push the button and you will hear the music playing on your iPhone. Swiss Voice also makes a non-iPhone version that allows you to connect your smart phone by USB cable.

Swiss Voice also makes a station which plugs into both your landline and your network by Ethernet. It allows you to answer your landline number using your mobile phone. Currently, the ePure is only available in Europe and Asia, they expect to be available in the US in July 2012. The iPhone ePure version should round around $199.00, the non-iPhone version will be around $159. The base station will be $99.00. If you still have a landline or know someone who does, this maybe a nice option the security of a landline with the advantage of a mobile phone

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine Podcast

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