Cinefy Bring Cool Hollywood Special Effects to Your Home Movies

One of the things that make Hollywood movies fun are the great special effects. Soon with the help of Cinefy by Chairseven you will be able to add branded special effects to the home movies you make on your iPhone, iPad and Android device. Right now there are over 50 effects packages with 120 animations. Everything from robots to dinosaurs to fairies to war scenes, just to name a few. So now can you make that great robots take over the world movie you have always wanted to. Not only do you get some great effects, but you also get access to the Friendly Music catalog and over 500,000 copyright cleared songs. Friendly Music scores music for shows like Entourage.

Once the app is downloaded you can choose the effects packages you want to download. You can download them over 3G, but WiFi is recommended. All downloaded packages are available to you no matter where you are. The Friendly Music catalog is only available when you are connected to the Internet. You can add any music that is already on your device to a Cinefy Video. The app itself will be $2.99. The effect packs will vary in price and size, at the time of release they hope to have at least 30 effect packages for free with over 70 animations. Cinefy has been in development for over a year and Chairseven is looking to launch it on iOs in 4-6 weeks and on Android in 6-8 months. Chairseven is looking into a desktop version, but they want to have the mobile version up and going before starting on it. They are in the process of signing agreements with various media companies to have access to their special effects packages. At CES 2012 they signed an agreement with MTV to have access to Death Valley Zombies. Cinefy was also a Mobile App Showdown Finalist at CES 2012.  I can’t wait until this app becomes available, I am looking forward to all the great YouTube videos that people make with these special effects.

Interview by Andy McCaskey and Courtney Wallin of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.

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