Netgear Unveil New Router and More

Netgear has remained a favorite in the tech world thanks to their great routers and innovative TV boxes, along with various other offerings.  This year’s CES didn’t change that as they introduced such products as a new version of the N900 Router that has been integrated with media storage to create the new Netgear Media Storage Router.

The new router takes backups of all of your media, whether it’s on a PC or Mac.  You can then use this central location to stream all of your media to any other device in your home.  The new device is geared towards cord-cutters, and there are more of those every single day.  The Netgear router takes the speed of the N900 and combines it with this storage to make a solution that will work with multiple home devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

You can get more comprehensive information on the latest offerings from Netgear, including this and other products, by visiting Netgear, or by checking out the video below. TPN’s own Andy McCaskey chats with Netgear about this new router and gets the scoop on exactly what you can expect.