NX80 NoiseHush EarBud Review

I received a pair of NX80 NoiseHush EarBuds to review over a month ago. When I was wearing them I was bragging to my kids how nice they sounded. It was not long after I reviewed them, that the earbuds disappeared from the review box I keep in the office. This afternoon after questioning a certain 15 year old on where they went, the NX80 NoiseHush EarBuds are back in my possession temporarily.

Seeing my daughter has had them for about a month, I asked her what she thought of them, as she was using them with her hand me down iPhone. She said they where really nice, as she as pleading to get them back. I asked her why she liked them, and she said because they sounded really good.  I have to admit for the low price range, these earbuds deliver a very nice dynamic rang especially in low frequencies.

The NX80 NoiseHush Earbuds feature an In-line microphone as well, that is acoustically tuned to filter out external noises. I played with this feature quite a bit in trying to determine how effective this filter is. It does a decent job for the earbud price range.  The earbuds also feature a  control button that is about chest level,  that allows you to switch between calls and your music with just a click.

Overall they are great value for the price @ $19.95.  They come with 4 different sized ear inserts and a nice carrying pouch. My wife now want’s a pair as well, and I have given the review set back to the 15 year old.

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  1. I see a pair of these on amazon for 18$ total! According to the story you shared here, these thongs would be totally worth it! Thank you for sharing!

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