Google Behind the Numbers

An interesting infographic pertaining to Google was posted over at Business MBA titled Google Behind the Numbers.  It’s a look at the revenue that Google collects and sources from which it comes.  The numbers are mind-boggling.

In 2010 Google’s revenue was $29.3 billion, more than the 28 poorest countries COMBINED!  Did you know that 97% of Google’s revenue comes from ads?  We knew that was their main business, but with all of the services it seems stunning that such a high percentage still comes from advertising.  Then again, the vast majority of those services, like Gmail, Docs, Maps, Calendar, and Music, are free.  All are monetized by displaying Google AdWords.

The massive numbers continue – displaying the amount of visitors, the time spent on Google sites, the power used, and more.  Scroll down through the infographic below and you’ll be amazed by the scale of this company that is barely a decade old.

Google Behind The Numbers