Sony Releases New ICF-DS15iP iPod iPhone Clock Radio Dock

Sony ICF-DS15iP

iPod and iPhone users have no shortage of accessories to choose from.  Now Sony is introducing one more.  Known as the ICF-DS15iP (catchy, huh?), it’s a clock radio dock that allows the user to plug in an iPod or iPhone to what looks like a traditional clock radio backed by a large speaker.  It’s designed to sit on the nightstand and will use music on your device, the radio, or a built-in alarm to wake you up.  But it’s portable so it can be moved around to sit on a desk or anywhere you want to listen to some tunes without headphones.

It features 3.5W + 3.5W audio output with “enhanced MEGABASS” to deliver what Sony is calling “clear, commanding music and vocals with radio or iPod/iPhone sources. With crystal-clear highs and solid bass.”  It also comes with a small remote control, just in case the device is out of your reach.  The technical specs, given by Sony, are listed below.

Model ICF-DS15iP
Type Digital radio
FM/AM reception Yes
Preset 30 (FM 20, AM 10)
LCD Display Yes
Brightness Control High / Middle / Low / OFF
Number of Display Time Single
Buzzer Alarm Yes
Radio Alarm Yes
CD Alarm No
Dual Alarm Yes
Extendable Snooze Yes
Sleep Timer Yes
Power Back-Up Yes
Date Display Yes
Volume Control Yes (Electronic Formula)
Speaker Type Stereo Speaker
Speaker Size 57mm
Speaker Power 3.5W + 3.5W
Battery Type Lithium Battery (CR2032 – Backup Battery)
Power Type External AC Adapter
Inputs and Outputs Audio-in (Stereo Mini Jack) /30pin plug for iPod
Dimensions (W x H x D) 290 x 165 x 145mm
Weight Approx. 1.65kg
Supplied Accessories Backup Battery, Remote Control (Card Type), Batteries for Remote Control, Operating Instructions, Quick Start Guide

The ICF-DS15iP is available today, October 17th, for an unknown price because it isn’t actually listed yet on the Sony website which the press release directs to.  It also isn’t yet listed on Amazon.  Similar Sony models, however, seem to be right around $100.

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