In the Shadow of a Giant

Steve JobsI was reading through my feeds this morning and came across this story Steve Jobs expected to attend Apple Event-but should he. This got me thinking how do you handle the transfer from the founder generation to the next, when the founding generation is still around. Steve Jobs is not just a founding member of todays tech world, he is one of the giants. Whether you are a fan of Jobs or not, there is no doubt that what he did at Apple has effected the world we live in today. When he resigned August 24 as CEO of Apple and handed the reins over too Tim Cook, it was time for him to leave the stage. For him to appear at this Apple event would not only be unfair to Tim Cook, but it would take away the spotlight from the true stars of the show, the products that are being introduced. If I was a conspiracy minded person I might think that maybe the only reason he might appear is the products are not as advanced as they wanted them to be. After all if everyone is talking about Steve Jobs’ appearance they are not talking about the products. I don’t believe this the reason, I think it is because it is hard to leave the stage especially if you are a star and Jobs is definitely a star.

Tim Cook

I am looking forward to hear about the products that are coming from Apple, whether it’s the iPhone 5, iPhone 4s or something else. I hope that Steve Jobs makes the right decision and stays away from this announcement. I hope he does make an appearance at a future event, just not this one. This one should belong to Tim Cook and those now around him.   What do you think will Steve Jobs appear at the event and should he.

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