Infographic: iPhone vs Android

While Android started off very slowly from it’s debut, it has become the leading smartphone OS.  Google recently claimed 500,000 activations per day.  Of course, their biggest rival in the market is Apple’s iPhone.  So, how do they stack up in a head-to-head comparison?

Tech Heavy recently published an infographic illustrating what a comparison of the two market giants looks like.  They hit the highlights, such as carriers, price, keyboard, screen size, battery, and durability.  Apple fans won’t be particularly happy by the findings, but most of the information in not really open to debate.  Keyboards, of course, are a personal choice, and durability is subjective, but thing like price and screen size don’t leave any room for argument.

You can view the infographic below and draw your own conclusions.  Put in the comments, because we would love to know what you think.

8 thoughts on “Infographic: iPhone vs Android

  1. my iPhone is amazing I returned my andoid is was horrible and there are many carriers in Canada and they all have iPhone even as pay as you go most people buy the iPhone and when they buy the andoid they return it cause of the horrible battery and it’s slow and they want great games point is iPhone always wins cause in 2007 when this war started Google wasn’t there not till later right I’m on iOS 5 it’s fast as all hell and this time not a slim is its full of features some of th andoid stole that apple said no to for iOS 1

  2. I had an iphone 4 for a year and hated/loved it.
    I only loved it cause it doubled as an ipod touch.
    I hated it cause, well, for starters you had to have a case or it wouldn’t do the most basic of things and let you hold a conversation. When I would be talking on it, the screen would constantly flash on and off in my peripheral, and it didnt have a lot of ways to customize it to your liking.

    I just got an HTC Evo 3D and haven’t looked back.

  3. Great site. I am veiwing it on my iphone and it looks good. Some very interesting comments. Keep up the great posts.

  4. So the whole Android iPhone battle is rather silly. But one can tell which type of fan made this infographic. Battery life? Seriously? Androids are known for horrible battery life – I should know, I’m on my 3rd and am ready to go back so I can last a full day. (Thunderbolt on 4G = 3.5 hours vs. iPhones full day, I’d prefer a phone that lasts vs. carrying around extra batteries)

    Infographics are always fun to look at but its sad when they are biased and incomplete as other comments mention.

  5. And why do only 1% of iPhone users return their phones while up to 40% of Android buyers do.


    Infographic fail.

  6. But does a bigger screen size = better? I don’t think so. I’ll take the iPhone size and better graphics over a 5″ Android beast anyday… winner = iPhone. Carriers? More are better for the consumer, of course, but if you are counting phones sold the iPhone does well on just a few. They also leave out quite a few other good comparisons that would surely turn people to iPhone… better camera, more and better apps, less vulnerable, better ecosystem… and yes, it has cool factor nailed. (Androids are for geek boys who still live in their parents basement on their grandma’s old bed, after all)

    Winner = iPhone. Sorry, infographics that lack any sort of completeness don’t tell any story at all.

  7. Ease of use and satisfaction is subjective. I feel my phone is easier to use than your, no matter what phone you have. Android phones give you the option of keeping it simple or customizing to the point of not knowing what kind of phone it is. Their are several custom launchers, even one to mimic the “simple” launcher on the iphone. I do agree that the Iphone is a great MP3 player that’s simple to use.

  8. Sure, but there’s no discussion of “ease of use” or customer satisfaction. iPhone cleans Android’s clock when you factor those in. Just like there were always technically much better MP3 players than the iPod (more durable, cheaper, more features, etc.), but the iPod still drove the market. iOS customer satisfaction is 70%. Android is less than 50%.

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