Seagate Momentous XT Hybrid Solid State Hard Drive

Want to give your tired old computer a speed boost? Listen up — this is a good one!

A few days ago my 17” MacBook Pro shut down a couple of times due to overheating issues, so I ended up taking it to the local Mac dealer to get it cleaned out – a truck is a surprisingly dirty operating environment. The machine was full of dust, which was preventing the internal fans from functioning properly.

When I dropped the Macbook off, almost as an afterthought I decided I would have them install a larger hard drive and clone the data over while they had the machine opened up. I ended up buying a 500 gigabyte Seagate Momentous XT Hybrid hard drive as the replacement drive. It was somewhat more expensive than a non-hybrid solid state drive, but the sales pitch on the outside of the retail package touting greatly-enhanced overall performance of this hybrid drive convinced me to give it a try.

The Seagate Momentous XT 500 gigabyte solid state hard drive comes with a 4 gigabyte solid state drive, with the rest of the storage being a conventional 7200 RPM 2.5” SATA laptop hard drive. The drive contains some built-in intelligence that automatically copies the most frequently-accessed computer files that will give the most boost to overall performance, including significantly faster boot-up times.

Does it work? All I can say is “Wow!” I am amazed at the performance boost. The machine boots quicker, and overall it has a much more snappy feel. The Seagate Momentous XT 500 gigabyte hard drive is worth every penny as an upgrade.

The old adage about speeding up a computer by maxing out RAM is still true. However, now there’s a new performance-boosting item that can be added to the list: add the appropriate hybrid hard drive for an even greater performance boost. With the addition of this drive, this 17” Macbook Pro is exhibiting better performance than ever.

Needless to say, I’m impressed. If you’ve maxed out your computer’s RAM, get one of these drives: I promise you that you won’t be disappointed with the performance boost.

3 thoughts on “Seagate Momentous XT Hybrid Solid State Hard Drive

  1. I tried these in a couple of laptops, I found they no faster. Storage review as well as Scot Moulton agreed. If its larger and ffaster theres the gain,

  2. It seems there might have been some initial problems with the drive, but Seagate seems to have aggressively dealt with those issues. So far I’m ecstatic with the fact I was able to buy and implant a significant performance boost into what is a three-year-old 17″ Macbook Pro that has gone to Hades and back.

  3. I dropped one of these into a Lenovo laptop (W500) and I agree with Tom, it’s a nice drive. I think I got about a 10-20% reduction in boot time.

    There were some reviews on the ‘net that said this drive may not be as robust as others, with lots of returns. I bought it anyway, and have been using it for close to a year.

    The only thing I wish I could do would be to find out what is on the 4gb SSD, but that’s just my innate curiosity.

    And by the way, your truck probably has less dust than my office!

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