Watch the Videos Your Friends Share on Showyou


With the advent of Airplay for the Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and ipod Touch video applications are beginning to appear in the App Store that take advantage of it. Showyou is one of these apps. On the iPad Showyou takes the videos that the people you are following on Twitter and Facebook are sharing and presents them in a beautiful grid. The most current videos appear on the upper left hand side of the grid. You can have the grid show you just the videos from people that you are following on Twitter and Facebook, or just Showyou users or both. The size of the images in the grid are set randomly and have nothing to do with the importance of the video. On the iPhone and iPod Touch the video images appear as a list with the most current first. If you have Airplay you can then send the video to your Apple TV or to your Mac if you have Banana TV.

If someone likes or comments on a video of your’s that appears in Showyou then you will see a little red flag at the top of the application. The same flag will appear if you get a message back on a video you commented on.  If you see a image of a video you think you might like, you simply tap on it and it opens up. If you like a video you can heart it (like it) and send a comment to the poster. You an also share the video back your followers on Twitter and Facebook. This app reminds me a lot of Flipboard or Zite in terms of how it is set up and how well it is designed. This is an app that is worth downloading, especially if the people you follow post a lot of video. I’ve only had it for a day, but it is already my go to app for watching videos that are posted by the people I follow. Robert Scoble did a good interview with the founders for Building 43.