Waula Secure Online Storage

I just started using Wuala a secure online storage available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Wuala is developed and run by LaCie a French provider of external storage. All your files are encrypted directly on your computer before its sent on line. Your password never leaves your computer, not even Wuala has it, so it is important that you keep it in a safe location. According to their site they use bank-level security. It uses AES, RSA and SHA to secure your data. It redundantly stores your data in various location. Their server are based in Switzerland, Germany and France. Because their security is based partly on Java it took awhile for Wuala to develop an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but it is finally here and available in the iTunes store.

Wuala will store any type of file including text, video, image and audio and if you have a pro account it will sync the file to your iPhone and iPad in almost real time. Once on the iPhone you can open up the file within the application and view it there. It is read only you can not edit a file within the application. If you want to edit the file there is an option to send it to the appropriate application for editing. You can share a secure link to a file by email. You can also create groups within Wuala and share files securely within that group. In many ways Wuala is similar to Dropbox or other online storage services, there are some differences. Unlike Dropbox Wuala has multiple level of services, which I like since I use this type of service mostly to move and view files on my iPhone or iPad I really don’t need 50 GB of services, but I need more then 1 or 2 GBs. Backblaze is my choice for long term backup. Unlike Dropbox however you can not add files to Wuala directly on your iPhone or iPod touch and services aren’t directly linked to Wuala. I do like how secure it is and I am happy I downloaded it. You do get a 30 day free trial if you want to try out the pro version, which gives you the ability to do auto backup, syncing, time travel, file versioning. I am hoping they will add the ability to at add files directly on the iPhone and iPod Touch.